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Franklin is doing so incredibly well today! His appetite has come back, he’s pooping and peeing like normal and is energetic. He’s about 90% back to his normal self. Thank you, thank you, thank you so incredibly much for taking wonderful care of him. We truly appreciate it. You are just absolutely incredible!!!!❤️❤️❤️

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did on his knee – because of that we got the best 4 years and he was able to chase squirrels again. You do such amazing work and all these pups are lucky to have you and your team. Thanks again – we sure enjoy being able to continue our runs and hikes with Atticus! Thanks again.

My phone reminded me that Atticus had his TPLO 1 year ago. He’s been doing so well since then – and down 20lbs! Just wanted to give you an update and thank you for helping Atticus return to chasing tennis balls and running around. Thanks!

Jennifer B.

(JPS puppy with bad hips)
He’s going GREAT!!! No discomfort, no gait issues, about 7 months now—GORGEOUS deep red with a white goatee, white patch on his chest, and white tail tip. His Mom & I THANK YOU for helping him!

Bogey A & Dr. J

Dear Dr. Wardlaw,

Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your amazing knee surgery on March 29 at Jefferson Animal Hospital. You gave me my dog back and gave us our quality of lives back, and for that, we are eternally grateful. You perform an extraordinary service that perhaps few appreciate, but we will always remember you with gratitude.

Damian & Chance

Our boy Emerson is doing SO well and ready to have his second knee repair later this year. Dr. Wardlaw is our hero and we love all she has done for our fur kid!!

C. Staude

I am always impressed with Dr. Wardlaw’s professionalism, and her skill as a medical communicator. Her background as Chief of Surgery at Mississippi State and surgical instructor at national conferences makes her exceptionally valuable in that she is capable of performing complex surgeries in general practice facilities and then educating others in what was done and why. Whether she is talking directly to the pet owners or to referring veterinarians, Dr. Wardlaw puts people at ease and radiates both competence and compassion.

Dr Andy Roark DVM, MS

Neo was in for his 8 week final TPLO film and has fully recovered. He is ready to run and play in the spring weather, and I am even more excited than he is! I protected the incision with the Licksleeve and followed Gateway’s instructions. Cheers to 100% recovery and freedom for Neo! I am thrilled!

Debby P.

Thanks for putting me back together, Dr. Wardlaw!!!  So happy to be back out doing what I love.   ❤️ Lexi

Our Kane (on the right) had TPLO surgery with Dr. Wardlaw in 2020 and is doing wonderful! Today his brother Chance (on the left) had the same TPLO surgery with Dr. Kimberlin. Thank you for taking care of our fur babies! A long recovery, but worth it❤️‍🩹


Harley’s Birthday!! And thanks to your awesome doctors she still plays like a puppy!!!


(Three Legged TPLO patient- He lost his other leg to a spider bite)
Brodie is doing well and remains active with us on short walks, chasing sticks into the pond out 10 feet or so where he swims and retrieves….we have been so blessed to have him do so well as a tripod post his traumatic episodes of a couple of years ago now. I am grateful for your professional assistance and any privilege of communication with you out of the office. We want to continue to have your involvement with caring for Brodie given our complete confidence in your professional expertise. Thank you again and we appreciate your interest in working with Brodie. As always, I appreciate your availability to offer your professional opinion in taking the best possible care of Brodie;-)

Thank you for your thorough reply and guidance in caring for our beloved Brodie. I appreciate both the time and concern put into your response.

Kelly E.

Hello Dr. Wardlaw! Bonnie is doing well today. Being nice and lazy like a good puppy, but eating/drinking and going to the bathroom as she should. Thank you so much for always being in our corner! It means everything to know we’ve got your help/knowledge/willingness to give our pups the best life possible, despite all their challenges. You’re appreciated more than you know!

Kelly K.

Hey Jenn!
Theo is breathing so much easier! Thanks again, you’re amazing!


I just wanted to share a picture and video to let you see how happy she is to be back to being a dog. I cannot thank you all and your staff enough for taking such good care of her and getting her back on her legs.

Isla’s mom

Thanks for taking such good care of my baby boy blue!
A. McLaughling

Dr. Wardlaw and her surgical team are fantastic!! She is such a skilled surgeon, and we are so fortunate to have her available to perform the surgery in our regular vet clinic. My dog’s TPLO went beautifully, and he already feels so much better!!
Catherine R.

Dr. Wardlaw is a brilliant surgeon and especially helpful in understanding the surgery.
Dustin B.