Dr Wardlaw’s team is the only concierge Board Certified Veterinary Surgery group in the St Louis area. Their Surgical specialists and licensed staff are here to assist your surgical needs. Email, call, or text Gateway Veterinary Surgery to let us know how we can help you.

Your pet is special, they deserve a specialist!

Making the decision to have surgery on your pet is a stressful time. Gateway Veterinary Surgery (GVS) was founded to make that experience easier on your entire family. GVS partners with your regular veterinarian to bring you a boarded veterinary surgical specialist working with the vet you have chosen for the care of your pets for years. This team approach allows the balance of convenience while still offering the expertise of a surgical specialist in your family’s regular vet office.

GVS allows you to simply use the staff and doctors you have come to know and trust to also care for your furry friend after surgery. Oftentimes, your work schedule, busy lives, or even your pet’s medical condition may not allow you to travel to large veterinary referral centers. That is why we are proud at GVS that you no longer have to travel across the city or state and leave your pet in an unfamiliar environment to receive care from a boarded veterinary surgeon.

Board certified from the American College of Veterinary Surgeons.

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About Dr. Wardlaw

Dr. Jennifer Lynn Demko Wardlaw is a St. Louis native. Her family has lived in St Louis for over 6 generations. After attending St. Joseph’s Academy for high school, she has traveled around the globe for her education. She received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona, during which she studied at Sidney University through an abroad program with Butler University. Her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine was completed at the University of Missouri in 2004, where she fell in love with small animal surgery. She completed a Rotating Small Animal Internship at Mississippi State University in 2005, and they’ve kept her in the south since then. She stayed there for her Small Animal Surgical Residency, Master of Science, and became an Assistant Professor. During her tenure at Mississippi State, she helped start and run their Physical Rehabilitation Service. Dr. Wardlaw became board certified by the American College of Veterinary Surgeons in 2009. She was most recently living in Charleston, South Carolina, as the Head of surgery and Director of Sports Medicine and Physical Rehabilitation.

Dr. Wardlaw describes her move home to St. Louis as “meant to be.” Her biggest draw to founding Gateway Veterinary Surgery was to practice top-quality surgery for her family and friends in St. Louis. “Being able to bring my talents home and help my fellow veterinarians and clients by being flexible and accommodating to meet the best interests of our patients is thrilling. Doing concierge surgery as a specialist gives me the ability of a flexible schedule so owners can leave their four-legged family members in the care of their trusted general practice veterinarian but receive the surgical procedures they need. I offer a full array of orthopedic, oncologic, neurologic, and soft tissue specialized procedures.”

Dr. Wardlaw feels blessed to have chosen such a wonderful field and have the loving support of her husband, Michael. They have two children, Lillian and Trey, as well as two furry babies, Roux (French Bulldog) and Delta (Bloodhound). In her spare time, Dr. Wardlaw enjoys cycling, kayaking, soap making, baking, and spending time with her, always entertaining family and friends.



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